About Us

School Yard Rap is a black owned company, established in 2015, which specializes in creating educational content and curriculum through the lens of History.  


School Yard Rap mission is to drastically improve the educational experiences of learners of all ages by providing curriculum, content, music, and professional development that uplifts the narratives of minorities. We work to build awareness, knowledge, and competencies for excellence and equity in schools and companies. We’ve built partnerships across the US and are always seeking new partnerships who are committed to achieving equitable outcomes for all.


Guest Lectures &
School-Wide Performances

School Yard Rap’s guest lectures provides students with an opportunity to learn, listen, and engage with Griot B.


Topics includes:

  • US History

  • World History

  • Latino/a History

  • African-American History 


Curriculum & Content
School Yard Rap has lessons for particular songs. Each song includes a project based, multimodal, common core lesson plan for usage in the classroom. 
Professional Development


School Yard Rap provides coaching, consulting, NS professional development on:


  • Equity

  • Effective classroom management strategies

  • Implementing School Yard Rap lessons into the classroom

  • Incorporating culturally responsive tactics into preexisting pedagogy

  • Infusing joy into daily classroom practices.