About Us

School Yard Rap is a company created for one purpose: to Educate through Entertainment. Founded by a veteran teacher who used hip-hop in his classroom with outstanding results, School Yard Rap is spreading this engaging method of instruction to schools nation-wide. 


School Yard Rap is here to educate students through multimodal and culturally responsive curriculum. By creating excellent music with modern sounds, we strive to make learning experiences both engaging and informative. Our model of; activating schema (making the subject relatable), adding joy (making learning fun), and making students sweat (having students do the bulk of the work to learn by increasing rigor), is the benchmark of every lesson we provide. Grounded in scientific evidence, and molded through years of experience, School Yard Rap is kid tested and teacher approved.


Guest Lectures &
School-Wide Performances

School Yard Rap’s guest lectures provides students with an opportunity to learn, listen, and engage with Griot B.


Topics includes:

  • US History

  • World History

  • Latino/a History

  • African-American History 


Curriculum & Content
School Yard Rap has lessons for every song created. Each song includes a project based, multimodal, common core lesson plan for usage in the classroom.
Professional Development


School Yard Rap provides professional development on:


  • Effective classroom management strategies

  • Implementing School Yard Rap lessons into the classroom

  • Incorporating culturally responsive tactics into preexisting pedagogy

  • Infusing joy into daily classroom practices.