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Hello Parents, welcome to School Yard Rap, where education meets entertainment! We provide a supplemental curriculum infused with music, lesson plans, videos, and worksheets, making education a thrilling journey for your child. Our innovative approach fosters a fun learning environment, igniting curiosity and creativity.

Inspiring for all children

Empower, Educate, Engage
At School Yard Rap, we're dedicated to empowering children from diverse backgrounds through education, engagement, and inspiration. Help us in creating a brighter future for our young learners through empowerment and education.

For the Children

Edutainment at School

Introduce your child to School Yard Rap's enriching online curriculum. Ignite their curiosity, inspire learning, and foster academic success from the comfort of home.
  • Episodic Series OURstory! enjoyable for children!
  • 20 Minutes a day press PLAY!
  • Plus many activities and videos to explore.

Live Experience

Experience the magic of School Yard Rap's Concerts, Assemblies, and Field Trips! Engage your child with unforgettable live events, interactive assemblies, and enriching field trips. Join us in creating lasting memories while fostering a love for learning and exploration.

Our Products

From engaging study guides to catchy albums and interactive coloring books, our resources make learning fun and accessible for children of all ages. Explore our collection and enrich your child's educational journey today!
SchoolYard Rap Books Study Guide

Virtual Curriculum

Moreover, our virtual curriculum offers a comprehensive suite of resources including engaging videos, interactive worksheets, and meticulously crafted lesson plans, accessible year-round.