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Becoming Civil

Dive into the United States internal conflicts: Witness the Civil War's fight for freedom, the Civil Rights Movement's quest for equality, and ongoing political divisions. These struggles reflect the nation's continual journey towards justice, unity, and progress, shaping its identity for generations to come.
  • Abraham Lincoln: Honest Abe, Civil War, and freeing the slaves
  • Rosa Parks: standing up for rights on the bus.

Constructing America

America's transformation into a global leader has been a journey of resilience and adaptation. From the struggles of early colonization to the forging of a nation through revolution, civil war, and social upheaval, the United States has emerged as a beacon of democracy, innovation, and opportunity.
  • Founding Fathers: George Washington, liberty, and the Constitution.
  • Meet the Pilgrims: Mayflower, Thanksgiving, and friendship.

U.S. Milestones

United States history in War: From Revolutionary Struggles to Global Leadership" - This brief overview encapsulates the dynamic narrative of America's journey through warfare, from its inception as a fledgling nation fighting for independence against the British Empire to its emergence as a global superpower navigating conflicts across the centuries.
  • Wright Brothers: first flight, soaring high in the sky
  • American Revolution: heroes, battles, and independence.
  • Homeschool History: US History Season TBA